If you want to build your own website or set up a web shop, you will come into contact with web hosting. To keep your website running, it is important that you have good hosting provider. But how do you choose one? I would like to give you some tips to keep in mind when looking for web hosting.

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Customer service and accessibility

Good customer service is very important when you choose a web hosting provider. When your website is live, but problems arise, you naturally want to be helped as quickly as possible and with the right expertise. Chances are you don’t know everything about it yourself.

To know whether the customer service is good or not, it is best to look at the reviews in Google. It often quickly becomes clear whether people are being helped properly.

Are you having a new website built? Then it is useful to choose a web designer that also offers web hosting. This way you have one point of contact and you do not have to deal with multiple parties. Chances are your web designer will outsource it as well, but he or she will have more knowledge about it and probably better contact with the web hosting to deal with potential issues. In addition, your web designer will always choose the best package in terms of price and quality.

Choosing the Right Package

Are you going to get started yourself to choose a package for web hosting? Then you will see that there are a lot of differences. The biggest differences are often in the bandwidths, data storage and speed of your website. It is also useful if you have access to your FTP environment. You often think you need little, but beware, cheap isn’t always the right option for websites.

It is therefore important not to go for the cheapest package. These often have poor service, leaving you to your own devices. But in addition, it can also be that the performance is not good, such as the speed, which degrades your SEO value.

Also pay attention to temporary offers, such as a free domain name. They offer it for free for one year, but after that you pay the full price.

In addition to all the cheap ‘temptations’, you can also pay too much. For example, for extra space that you don’t need afterwards. So be sure to compare different web hosting providers and different plans. Are you billed for each part or is it just part of the service? Do you pay monthly or annually? And what do the reviews say?

Good security

Hackers can do almost anything these days and of course you want your website to remain well secured. Your hosting ensures the security of your website, so be sure to check the options with the different parties.

Be sure to check if there have already been certain incidents. This way you can look up whether the web hosting itself has already been hacked or not. If that’s the case, it’s better to look for another party.

Speed ​​and performance for your website

Finally, it is important to look at the performance that the web hosting can offer. The last thing you want is for your website to be taken down by an overloaded server.

Of course, you also want your website to load as quickly as possible. This mainly has to do with what you do with your website, but the basis lies with your web hosting. Loading speed is an important part of SEO, so it is definitely a must if you want to make your website visible.

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Shared Hosting

There are different types of web hosting. For example, if you have a small website, you can share space on a server with others. This is called shared hosting and is one of the most common forms. It is ideal for websites with a low number of visitors and also economical because you share the capacity of the server.

Of course, this is not the case if you have a website with many visitors. Then you want everything to function quickly and well.

Managed Hosting

In addition to shared hosting, a distinction is also made between managed and unmanaged hosting. The definition of this differs per hosting party, but broadly speaking it means that with unmanaged hosting you manage your own hosting environment. In the case of managed hosting, your provider will do this and therefore the responsibility lies with them.

I actually mostly recommend managed hosting. You (almost) don’t have to worry about it and usually this form is better in terms of speed and security.

Cloud hosting

Many web builders use cloud hosting for their hosting services. This uses a collection of servers that are different locations are available. This way you’ll have a better loading time on your website, and you’ll have less problems with your cache.

You might have noticed it. Choosing a good web hosting is not easy. Do your research to make the right choice. Can’t figure it out? Feel free to send me an email!