Reliable cloud hosting for your website

To bring your website or webshop to life, you will need more than just a cool design, solid texts, and a working CMS system: your website also needs to be hosted somewhere, and I can help! With a hosting package from KM Webdesign, you benefit from reliable hosting and maintenance, and support. Sounds good, right?

Webhosting by KM Webdesign

Web hosting is simply renting a piece of web space on a server. So, if you choose one of my hosting packages, I am actually your new property manager!

As a hosting provider, I make sure that your website is always working and stays secure through monthly updates. I also set up the servers to keep your site running fast. Multiple backups are made daily, in contrast to hosting with shared hosting providers. This way, you know for sure that your site is always up to date, and you don’t have to worry if something happens.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting occurs through the cloud, where multiple servers are linked together to form a large cluster. Your site can therefore run on various servers and is not dependent on one physical server. Your advantage? If a server breaks down, everything is transferred to another server in the cloud without taking your site offline. So, you stay up and running, always and everywhere.

Cloud hosting is entirely customizable. But no worries, I’ll take care of it all! I set up the cloud server intended for you myself (on the renowned Webhosting platform Siteground, which I work with), and I can finetune where necessary. Through this so-called managed hosting, you get custom hosting. The result: precisely what you want.

Maintenance and support

Hosting with me gives you more than just a place on the web. You get a total package to benefit from complete maintenance of your site. From minor adjustments to complex bugs: I’ll solve – all for an attractive fixed price per month.

Personal contact

The difference from standard hosting providers? Simple, you are not a ticket number to me. You’re not just another hosting client, but someone who I know and eager to assist. Because let’s face it, if something is wrong, you’ll need immediate help, right?

In summary: my hosting stands for high quality, personal contact, optimal service, and fast support – precisely as it should be.

Hosting Packages KM Webdesign

You can choose from two web hosting packages: Get Started and Stay Tuned. Below you can see what these packages consist of. Which package suits you?


Want more? That, too, is possible.


Extra WordPress website in hosting package:

if you have two WordPress websites, you can include the second domain name in your hosting package at a reduced rate.


Email link with Google Workspace or Office365:

if you already have a license with Google Workspace or Office365, then I can link it for you, so everything runs nicely through this link. If you don’t have a license yet, then I can arrange one for you. You will get 1 license per user.


Discount on .com domain name:

when moving a .com domain name, the domain name will always be charged again. You cannot transfer it for free, as with a .nl domain name. To meet the extra costs, you will receive a discount on your .com domain name.

You can count on me!

I am proud to help you run your online business with hosting and an on-point website, as well as technical support and practical add-ons.

Your website is your digital handshake. So let’s make it personal, confident and above all very inviting.

Make a website


With my add-ons, we put the final touches to your website or webshop. From fluent web copy and translations to logo design and professional forms.

Extra add-ons


From periodical maintenance to quick support: I do it for you. Check out all the possibilities!

Maintenance & Support