You might know it: your company has grown, the services have been adapted, but your website no longer matches your new look. Time for a new design, but why is this always at the bottom of the to do list? I would like to discuss why it is important to start the redesign and why it is better to have this done by a professional.

Let me build your website

What is the importance of a good website?

I like to start with a story from one of my customers. She came to me to design a website and when I delivered it, she immediately decided to work 100% for her business. Right after that she attracted three new customers via her new website. So, you see, a website is not merely informative, but can also support you in your sales process.

A good website is not only technically strong, but also has a beautiful design. For example, the right color combinations can ensure that your eyes are guided through the website. Strong texts ensure that you can keep visitors on your website and that your bounce rate decreases. Finally, a few call-to-actions ensure that you trigger visitors to contact them or buy your products.

Why choose a professional redesign?

Your business changes over the years and it is important that your website evolves with it. When you feel that your site is no longer a good representation of who you are as an entrepreneur or what your services are, it’s time to make some adjustments.

Do you want to redesign your website yourself? This can cost a lot of time and energy. On average, it takes 4 to 5 years before you have earned back this investment. However, when you hire someone to redesign your website in a professional way, not only does it take less time for your new website to go live, but this investment is recouped within a year. This of course depends on how you make your sales call.

How does it work?

Suppose you want to redesign your website with me, then we proceed as follows.

What should stay and what can go?

The first step is, of course, to provide insight into which aspects of your website need improvement and which we can possibly leave alone. We divide your website into a technical part, visual part, corporate identityand finally the texts. Depending on your website, one or more parts need a refresh. Often it is simply better to have your entire website built from scratch. Not only is it cheaper, but it also gives you more freedom to try new things.

The technical hatch

The internet is developing itself at a rapid pace. So, there is a good chance that the website you built when you started your business no longer meets the current technological updates. You can lose customers, for example, because your website is too slow, unsafe or simply outdated. When I get to work on redesigning a website, the technical side is always on the agenda.

Your corporate identity

If your company changes, there is a good chance that your corporate identity has changed. A different font, different colors or even a new logo. All reasons to adjust your website accordingly. Together we will look at how we can transform your current website into a site that breathes your new corporate identity.

New Images

Photos and images are largely related to your corporate identity. Depending on the message you want to convey with your website, we choose to replace or keep images. Of course, it is best to choose your own photos of your services, products or employees instead of stock photos. This comes across as much more reliable and also gives your visitors a glimpse into your company.

New copy

Copy on your website can quickly become outdated. I also advise against incorporating too many current affairs into your website. Evergreen content, or content that always remains relevant, is still the best. Especially for SEO. In addition, it is also important for SEO to update your texts regularly. The more that Google sees that you update your website, the better it will be for your rankings.

Do you need help writing new texts or designing a new logo? Feel free to check out the extras I offer!

Launch your new website

Are you planning to build a new website or redesign your current website? Keep in mind that your customers, visitors and Google will have to get used to this. Traffic to your website may take a dip because Google needs to get to know your website again, especially if you also change domain names. The bounce rate can temporarily get a bit higher. But don’t panic, this will all stabilize again after a while and when you have your website designed by a professional you will even see an improvement.

To make your launch even better, it can be interesting to announce it on social media or in your newsletter. This way you not only ensure that your customers can get used to the new design, but also that there is a boost in traffic when your redesigned website is launched.Do you have any questions about redesigning your website or are you ready to design a new website together? Feel free to contact me!