Technical Support

Of course, you want your website or webshop up and running at all times, on all devices. I know that better than anyone. Consistent and seamless webhosting requires routine maintenance, which might stress you out. But don't worry! From periodical maintenance to quick support: I'll make it happen.

Support Card

By maintaining your website or webshop regularly, you will ensure that it runs smoothly and flawlessly. But I also understand that as a business owner, you don’t have the time or motivation to update your website regularly. That’s why I offer the Support Card, a pre-paid service that allows you to use my support and technical assistance only when you need it.

On the support card, one strip accounts for 15 minutes of my time. Time I can spend on, for example, backing up data, updating plugins, writing necessary Java scripts, or eliminating SPAM. But also, for other small(er) technical questions, such as adjusting content or images. Whatever it is, you can contact me for help.

You only pay for the time I am working for you. The remaining strips carry over for next time and each support card is valid for one year. You can select from a variety of support cards, each with its own time and rate. In addition, if you choose Webhosting by KM Webdesign, you will receive a substantial discount.

Below is an overview of the Support Cards offered. Pick one that best fits your needs

One-time fix

Is your website or webshop not working properly? Is it too slow or riddles with error messages? Even without the Support Card, I’m happy to help you with those technical problems. I will first find the underlying cause, then implement a solution, and finally explain how you can prevent/resolve the issue yourself in the future. From an outdated plugin or a malfunctioning WordPress theme to removing a virus and updating your firewall: I will have your website up and running again in no time.

If you need a quick fix but don’t want to buy a support card right away, a one-time fix is ideal. Maybe you want a taste of how working with me one on one is like. Think of it as trying a new restaurant: if you like it, you come back. If not, don’t. The choice is all yours.

Need technical support?

Are you looking for someone to do regular maintenance on your website or for a one-time fix? Then please get in touch with me. I’d love to hear how I can help you.

I also regularly give tips & tricks on maintaining your website or webshop, which you can see anytime on my blog.

I can do it all!

I assist you in running your online business with pride and without worry, not only though hosting but also through a well-designed website or webshop, technical support, and useful add-ons.

Your website is your digital handshake. So let’s make it personal, confident and above all very inviting.

Make a website


With my add-ons, we put the final touches to your website or webshop. From fluent web copy and translations to logo design and professional forms.

Extra add-ons


High quality, optimal service, and fast support. Choose customized hosting with one of my hosting packages.