Coaching Veerkracht

HSP coach voor tieners

Update May 2021

Coaching Veerkracht has asked me to change her website. As a person and company she no longer felt the connection with the old setup and wanted to focus entirely on coaching teenagers with high sensitivity. That is the motivation to ask me to get the website back in full swing with her company. The first picture shows the old webdesign and the second her new lay-out. 

November 2020

The coaching agency Veerkracht approached me with a technical issue on their website. We partly solved this by transferring the website to a new hosting. But soon the issue reappeared. Finally, we decided it would be easier to create an entirely new website. I preserved the current content, but chose for a new theme and different learning platform. Via a Google tag, I also gave the customer insight into who downloaded their e-book. Lastly, I streamlined the lay-out of their different notification emails from WooCommerce.

CATEGORY: Web Design

CLIENT: Coaching Veerkracht

DATE:  November 2020