Let’s build a professional webshop!

A fresh, modern store with neat racks and smooth service. That’s a place customers like to return to, including in the virtual marketplace. Sell successfully online with a professional, user-friendly and findable webshop!

How do we roll?

Do complex processes and info overload make you head for the hills?
Same here! OK, let’s keep it simple then.


Your webshop has to fit perfectly with who you are, what you sell and of course to whom. I would love to hear exactly what you need. Not sure yet? I gladly think along!

Design & feedback

With this info, I set to work. After my first draft, I like to hear your unvarnished opinion, adjust where necessary and make the final touches.


Do you feel 100% happy with your webshop design? Then I implement everything in cyberspace. With the right SEO, plugins and other technical features.

Tailor-made standard packages

Just like info overload, choice stress makes me cranky. You too? Good, cause I have two packages for you to choose from. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can pick ‘Successful Starter’ or ‘Boost your Business’.

Whatever you choose, SEO, responsive webdesign and one feedback round are always included!

Would you like any add-ons? Like fluent web content, translations or logo design? I got you covered!

Package 1: Successful Starter

The perfect starter package for enterprising dreamers, doers and daredevils who are ready to jump. and build their ideal webshop

Included: integration of payment options and social media, responsive WordPress theme, SEO, one revision round.

Investment: from € 1750,-

Package 2: Boost your Business

Do you already have a thriving business and you want to expand online? Or you have a webshop and want things a bit more professionally? Then this package is for you!

Included: integration of payment options, delivery options and social media, responsive WordPress theme, SEO, one revision round.

Strong points

Personal design
with punch

Strong technical support

Lots of quality,
zero worries

Honesty first,
from you and me

Webshop maintenance

Do you wish to keep your webshop running smoothly? This requires regular maintenance. From back-ups and updating plugins, eliminating SPAM, to adjustments to your content.

No easy job, of course. Would you rather leave this to an expert? From periodical maintenance to a one-time solution. Let me fix it in a flash!


Ellen van Kemenade

Thank you for your services!
We are very satisfied with how you adjusted and managed everything.

Veerle Wagenaar

Karina, is a woman of fast communication & clarity. She is clear and also gives her options about certain possibilities within your company, so that it gets the look that suits you! I recommend Karina to anyone who needs a new website within his or her company and wants more body to his or her website!

Ready to set sail together?

Ready to have your webshop built by me? Count me in!
Tell me about your ambitious plans. Let’s dream away for a little and
then land firmly on our feet again. With an irresistible but also technically strong and
highly functional website or webshop.