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Hi, I’m Karina!

I’m Karina Marks and creativity runs through my veins. In the broadest sense of the word. Beside web design, nothing energizes me more than new challenges. Ánd discovering unique ways to solve them. As a WordPress specialist I learn by doing, always with an open mind, a listening ear and an untamable urge to exceed your and my expectations. 

A couple of years ago laid anchor under the Meditteranean sun in Spain. But no worries, my work pace remains 100% Dutch!

What can I do for you?

I empower you to run your online business proudly and without worry.
With a smooth website or webshop, as well as technical support and practical add-ons. As a WordPress specialist, you can come to me for anything.

Your website is your digital handshake. So let’s make it personal, confident and above all very inviting.

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A beautiful store with well-organised shop racks and good service. That’s a place customers like to come back to, also online!

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A website or webshop is like a car. Truly! Without regular maintenance, it will break down in no time.

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Wim Beunderman

From the moment I first met Karina, I knew that she was someone who I would enjoy working together with. She’s an enthusiastic, kind, sensitive, inquisitive, imaginative and dynamic person, with a professional attitude, excellent communication skills and tremendous potential. She’s the kind of person who can achieve anything that she sets her mind to. In part, this is because she pays close attention to detail and the bigger picture at the same time. Also, she has the innate ability to sense what projects need, in order for these to lead to success. With the greatest of ease, she tunes into people’s – i.e. clients’ – needs and challenges, and comes up with creative, made-to-measure solutions that surpass clients’ expectations and those of my own. She also looks beyond the project brief and makes welcome suggestions for adaptations, improvements and matters that clients did not think of initially, that help to enhance the project and provide better results. I warmly recommend Karina to anyone who seeks to communicate their brand or message, by way of websites, web copy, SEO copy, Social Media content, copywriting or product texts. Mind you, if you decide to place your project in her hands, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Richard Zuur

Karina has built a completely new website for me, and she did very well! The entire process went smoothly; from start to finish, and she is a true perfectionist. On the basis of (critical) questions and many test moments, she flawlessly feels what the customer has in mind and how she should visualize this. Take a look at!

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